Serbia D-Government Development Strategy 2020~2022

The Serbian government has announced the D-Government development strategy 2020-2022 based on seven principles. The goal is to provide com- plete reliability in eGovernment users identity through a two-factor system authentication by: protecting personal data, non-disclosure of data to third parties, prevention of unauthorized data processing, distribution, and exchange with third parties, as well as enabling full transparency regarding the user's insight into the course of the procedure and status of its case.

The seven principles are
1The principal of gender equality and social inclusion.
2The principal of equality and non-discrimination.
3The principal of development of Emerging Technology.
4Principal of environmental protection.
5The principles arising from the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.
6Principles arising from European regulations in the filed of data protection.
7Principles arising from the strategies framework established within the European Union and European regulations in the field of D-Government.

Vision of Serbia D-Government Development Strategy is to establish efficient and user-oriented administration in the digital environment, which is in- teroperable both between different levels of public administration in Serbia and with public administration of the EU Member States.

Moreover, the D-Government Development Strategy 2020~2022 include one general objective which is establishing efficient and user-oriented adminis- tration in the digital environment and 4 specific objectives which are
1Infrastructure development in D-Government and ensuring the interoperability
2Improving legal security in the use of D-Government
3Increasing the availability of D-Government to citizens and economy through the improvement of customer services.
4Open data in public administration.
The following are defined in that Action Plan according with the priorities:
1modernization of public administration using key ICT solutions.
2enabling cross-border mobility through interoperable digital services.
3facilitating digital interaction between administrations and users in order to improve the quality of public services.

For the successful implementation of the strategy, the Serbian government has established a strong D-Government promotion governance under the Prime Minister's Office. Serbia has formed three organizations:
1policy making, 2law enactment, 3and project execution, for the concrete realization of D-Government establishment.

The D-Government Council was established to supervise future IT infrastructure technologies and D-Government technologies, and to formulate admin- istrative policies. The Ministry of Public Administration enacts and amends laws related to D-Government, supervises the action plans, and the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications enacts laws and legal regulations in the field of information and communication technology. And supervised. The D-Government Promotion Center (Office for IT and e-Gov) is responsible for overseeing D-Government and information and communication tech- nology projects.

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