Greeting from Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the republic of Serbia

first of all, would like to congratulate on the establishment of the ‘KOREA-SERBIA D-Government Cooper-ation Center’ in the IT & D-government Office in Serbia last September, 2020 by having a Korean expert dispatched to the center. This is meaningful not only because it is the first-ever center to be established in Serbia, but also because it is a clear evidence of deeper cooperation between Korea and Serbia in the field of IT and D-Government.

Korea has recently exerted its efforts to help Serbia to further develop its capacity of Digitalization and D-Government systems. Setting up of Information Access Center(Serbia-Korea Information Access Center) and carrying out of the KSP(Knowledge Sharing Program) projects for cloud-based data center and D-Government establishment are some good examples of mutual cooperation.

I hope that the Cooperation Center will contribute to accelerating cooperation and exchange of experiences in the D-Government field between the two countries during its term of three years while Korea will continue to support Serbia’s efforts to successfully accomplish its Digitalization strategy, and the Korean Embassy will remain committed to close coordination and effective communication.