Message in commemoration of the publication of
the 1 st Digital Government Cooperation Center Newsletter

Dear Digital Government Officials around the world:

As the Director General of Digital Government Bureau of the Korean government, it is indeed with great pleasure that I am to send you the inaugural newsletter published by the Digital Government Cooperation Center.

Starting from Uzbekistan in 2013, ‘e-Government Cooperation Centers’ were established in Indonesia, Peru and Kenya until 2019, and the centers started anew in Serbia, Tunisia and Uzbekistan under the name of ‘The Digital Government Cooperation Center’ from 2020 in response to the trend of the times and changes in technology.

The Digital Government Cooperation Centers serve as a platform and a hub that share the experience of digital transformation accumulated by the Korean government for over 50 years with partner countries and construct development strategies that reflect the characteristics of each partner country.

It is a space to join the global trend of digital transformation and move forward together for a better future.

The Korean government plans to further expand the project in the future, such as setting up more of these centers by the end of the year in countries like Cambodia, Indonesia, Peru and Paraguay.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 is presenting enormous and far-reaching challenges to countries around the world in 2020. Due to the unprecedented global pandemic, this newsletter, which was planned to be published with the launch of the Digital Government Cooperation Center in 2020, took its first step in 2021.

Although the first issue has been delayed, the importance of this newsletter, which regularly shares information with the international community for international cooperation in a non-face-to-face era, has grown even more.

Through this newsletter, the Korean government intends to provide the international community with the progress and achievements of the Digital Government Cooperation Centers, and to make it a starting point for communication to seek better ways.

I extend my appreciation to all those who are working hard for the development of digital government, and I look forward to your continued support on the Digital Government Cooperation Center.

Lastly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the officials who are working tirelessly to ensure the successful operation of digital government cooperation centers in Serbia, Tunisia and Uzbekistan.

I wish you and your family good health and happiness.