Operation procedure of DGCC

Select a country to
establish DGCC
  • Select a country to establish the DGCC from candidate countries proposed by the specialized or- ganization or from the MOU signed countries with MOIS on the digital government.
  • The Lead Organization confirms the cooperative intention of the candidate countries through the diplomatic channel
  • Notify the final confirmation and announcement of the selected country in accordance with the criteria for selecting partner countries.
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Sign MOU
  • Receive requests for cooperation, etc. from the partner country
  • Review documents from the partner country and conduct on-site visits to discuss cooperation issues
  • Sign MOU (Ministers or higher-level officials from the both countries)
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Organize Digital Government Cooperation Committee
  • Jointly organize the Committee to deliberate and resolve the matters concerning the digital gov- ernment cooperation between both countries.
  • Organize the Committee with the personnel from the lead, cooperation, specialized and diplo- matic organizations of the both countries
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(if necessary) Sign Agreement on operation of Digital Government Cooperation Center
  • Discuss and prepare important matters related with the operation of the Cooperation Center
  • Sign Agreement on Operation of Digital Government Cooperation Center (by the head of the Specialized Organization of the both countries)
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Establish and operate DGCC
  • Establish DGCC at a place designated by the Lead Organization of the partner country
  • Organize DGCC Members in accordance with the MOU and the Agreement)
  • DGCC led by the head of the Cooperation Center, carries out cooperation projects determined by the Cooperation Committee
  • The Lead Organization of both countries will supervise and support establishment and operation of the DGCC
  • The Specialized Organization of both countries will be exclusively in charge of the operation of the center, and conduct cooperative activities.
  • The Digital Government Cooperation Committee will approve the matters related with the operational plan and performance of the Center