NIA stands at the forefront of online sharing of “K-quarantine” experiences with the world

The Ministry of the Interior and Safety (MOIS) and the National Information Society Agency (NIA) have jointly operated an online course titled “ICT-based Response to COVID-19 of Korea” for three weeks (12~30 October) in order to share Korea’s policy response to the pandemic with the international community.

Korea has been highly regarded as a country having successful cases of handling the pandemic while using ICT, and many countries around the world and international organizations like the UN and IDB constantly requested to share the experiences. In this regard, the public and private sectors of Korea worked together and developed the online course introducing Korea’s response to COVID-19 using ICT.

The course consists of three modules to provide systematic explanations on the Korean government’s response to the pandemic – i) understanding Korea’s disaster response and healthcare policies; ii) cases of responding to COVID-19 using the digital government system; and iii) ICT-based services provided by private sectors for COVID-19 response.

The three modules cover introductions of Korea’s disaster response governance that serves the foundation for COVID-19 response, policies for healthcare informatization and infectious disease prevention and management, and many digital government systems that enabled successful containment of the disease such as the Self-quarantine Safety Protection App, International Traveler Information System (ITS), Drug Utilization Review (DUR), COVID-19 Patient Management Information System and Negative Pressure Isolation Room Information Management System.

Also covered in the modules are innovative services created by the private sector –map application services using open data, AI-driven COVID-19 screening solutions and care calls for monitoring those under self-quarantine.

The course was provided through K-MOOC, where a total of 265 trainees (126 from overseas* and 140 from Korea) actively discussed on ‘new digital government and ICT services to respond to infectious diseases.’ *44 countries including the US, China, Pakistan, Madagascar, Bangladesh, Nigeria and Brazil

Nguyen Thi Van Anh, a trainee from Vietnam, said the course was very useful as she could learn not only the ICT services in the pandemic but also the healthcare system and policies which enabled Korea to successfully contain the disease. Hakima Khellaf from Algeria also left a review mentioning that she could learn how Korea proactively responded to the COVID-19 based on its highly developed ICT. The course is still available on K-MOOC for audit enrollment (*. *Search for the course title “ICT-based Response to COVID-19 of Korea”

In the meanwhile, NIA has organized a joint webinar on digital resilience for the post-COVID-19 upon request from the World Bank as part of its Digital Resilience Program. 3,667 people from 13 countries have participated in the webinar. More collaboration is underway, including organization of another webinar on building capacity for ICT-based response to infectious diseases in January next year.

Korean 3T strategy for responsing to COVID-19

This video is an animation produced by Korea's Ministry of Science and ICT, the National Information Society Agency, and the Korea Communication Agency to share with the world Korea's experience of the 3T strategy* as part of the response to COVID-19.
* Testing-Tracing-Treatment

This video introduces Korea's various ICT systems and services such as the epidemiological investigation support system, self-quarantine safety protection app, and the AI-based X-Ray system used during the process of tracing, testing, diagnosing, managing, and treating COVID-19 patients through a virtual character named 'Yoon-ji Jung.' We hope you will be able to understand Korea's experience of effectively overcoming COVID-19 and that this video can help provide a reference to different countries abroad.
Images from the animation
  • App of Covid-19 care
  • Negative pressure Bed Operation Status
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  • Title : Korea's COVID-19 Response Strategy Using ICT
  • Format : Narration-based animation
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