About Digital Government Cooperation Center(DGCC)

Digital Government Cooperation Center (DGCC) is a platform established to promote the development of the digital government of partner countries by sharing Korea's experiences in developing the digital government, and an organization established in a place designated by a partner country with the aim of economic development by establishing an international cooperation network and supporting digital economic cooperation.
Digital Government Cooperation Center(DGCC)

Managing department : Korea (MOIS) and partner countries (departments in charge of digital government)
Specialized agency : Korea(NIA) and partner countries (Department or agency in charge of digital government)
Construction site : Within the relevant ministries or agencies of partner countries
Operating period : Three years
Financial Contribution : Joint contribution
- Korea : $1 million for project funding
- Partner Country : Support for operation related matters of the Center such as office space and its operational costs, etc.)

Activities of DGCC

  • Capacity building development projects related to the digital government such as invitational capacity building program, human resource exchange program, joint research, forums, seminars, etc.
  • Joint cooperation project for giving technical and consulting support and sharing Korea’s experiences related to the digital government
  • Policy consultation and advice in digital government building, as well as in creating and amending related laws and institutions
  • Identify and analyze trends related to the digital government in partner countries